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Intelligent Control ModuleIntelligent Control Module

The Intelligent Control Module is a re-programmable contactless smart card reader designed for use by system integrators in the public transport industry. A high speed ARM7 microcontroller controls all the major functions to provide a flexible development platform for developers while providing high data throughput.

The contactless interface supports the complete Customer Media family as defined by ITSO and includes MIFARE®, DESFire®, Oyster®, FeliCa® and Calypso®

Two integral ISO7816 compatible SAM slots are provided to allow the secure storage of encryption keys.

The module can be easily connected to a PC or host system using any of the interfaces which include USB, TCP/IP and RS232.

The unit can be supplied with a full graphical 3.2" QVGA backlit colour LCD with electronic contrast adjustment allowing different fonts, sizes and icons to be displayed. An optional touch screen overlay can be added to the display.

The module is equipped with an integrated real time clock (RTC) which is independently powered by a Lithium coin cell.


  • Ticket Vending Machines (TVM)
  • Point of Service Terminals (POST)
  • Platform Ticket Validators
  • Value Load Terminals (VLT)

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