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GIS has developed an application which will allow ITSO scheme operators to easily check the content of a passenger's ITSO card and to display which products are contained within the card.

This will not only allow bus operators to check if the card holder is entitled to concessionary travel but it will also allow them to check the validity of other products on the card (currently IPE 2, 14, 16, 22 & 23).

This software does not use an ISAM and hence can be used by scheme operators who have not yet migrated to full ITSO status and for operators who do not want to go through the expense or hassle of fitting ISAM's to handheld devices. This software will not verify products seals and will not permit writing to the ITSO card. As such it will not handle action- or hotlists. This software will process all CMD's as defined by ITSO.

Optionally the software allow card information to be captured throughout the day for later analysis.

This software can be loaded onto H440 and H450 readers.

This software is compatible with V2.1.4 of the ITSO specification.

Please contact GIS for further details.


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